WORK OF JANUARY 2022 at Avramide House

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Avramide House from 32 Progresului Street, invites the public to appreciate the armchair – Louis Philippe style replica, made of wood and cotton and silk fabrics in a European workshop. The object is part of the permanent exhibition of the Avramide House.


The style of architecture and design under King Louis Philippe I (1830–1848) was a more eclectic development of French neoclassicism, incorporating elements of neo-Gothic style and other styles. It was the first French decorative style imposed not by royalty, but by the tastes of the growing French upper class.


Much of the style was taken from the personality of the king himself. Unlike his Bourbon predecessors, he lived in Paris and avoided ceremonies. He did not impose any official style.


During the reign of Ludovic Filip, the forms of furniture changed little compared to the period of the French restoration; comfort has become a higher priority. The furniture became darker and heavier. The shapes of the chairs became rounded, with curved legs, and the backrest of the armchairs was slightly curved inwards.