August 2022

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Starting with September 2022, at the “Danube Delta” Ecotourism Museum Center at 14 Noiembrie str., no. 1 bis, the public will be able to view the temporary exhibition entitled “Steps through evolution”.

Organizers: “Gavrilă Simion” Eco-Museum Research Institute  Tulcea in collaboration with “Grigore Antipa” National Museum of Natural History  Bucharest.


What the organizers say:

” The exhibition presents a set of exhibits, both naturalized animals and bone remains (skulls and skeletons), which highlight different adaptations of species to their living environment.

Vertebrate evolution is a story of transitions and adaptive changes: transition from water to land (from fish to tetrapods), from land to air (from reptiles to birds) and, in some cases, a return to the aquatic environment (e.g. whales, dugongs) or terrestrial (eg cassowaries, penguins).

When species from different groups enter similar habitats, these species must meet similar biological requirements. Thus, convergence in habitats partly explains the elongated body and the presence of fins, both of the shark and of the dolphin, because similar functions are served by similar parts under similar conditions. However, these animals come from very distant branches and remain fish and mammal, respectively.

All evolutionary adaptations in the animal world increase the chances of species survival.”