March 2023

EXHIBIT OF MARCH at Avramide House

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In March 2023, at Casa Avramide in Progresului str., no. 32, the public can view “Vas”, a copper object, made in an Iranian workshop, in the 19th century(?).”

The work is part of the collection of oriental decorative art of the Tulcea Fine Arts Museum and is exhibited in the temporary exhibition “Vase de foc”.

WORK OF MARCH at the Fine Arts Museum

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In March 2023, at the Fine Arts Museum in Grigore Antipa str., no. 2, the public can admire “Field sown and stubble” (wood and metal), whose author is Teodor Hrib (b. 1946).

The work is part of the sculpture collection of the Tulcea Fine Arts Museum and can be viewed, as part of the permanent exhibition, from March 1 to 31, 2023.

“Teodor Hrib was born on January 1, 1946 in Arbore commune, Suceava county. Since high school, he reacted against the communist regime through public statements and harsh cartoons. Being considered an ‘antisocial and dangerous individual for society’, he was investigated for 30 years, constantly pursued and persecuted.
Since 1985, being considered one of the best engravers in Romania, Teodor Hrib coordinated the PODUL engraving workshop and gallery in Bucharest, Speranței str., no. 15. On the studio door, in the spirit of his convictions, the artist placed a photo of the Polish leader Lech Walesa. In this place, in addition to graphic experiments, Teodor Hrib holds meetings, discussions and lectures, atypical events for Romanian contemporary art at that time. In 2004, the workshop and the gallery were devastated. Marked, Teodor Hrib completely left engraving and chose to work with “an art closer to real life”, as he himself declared. His installation-type sculptures, allegories, human-robots, absurd mechanisms, with integrated circuits and noisy engines are the subject of an aesthetics of unprecedented freedom. These hybrids of painting, sculpture and assemblage, built from discarded objects, are Teodor Hrib’s effect to explain contemporaneity more clearly and directly.”