December 2017

Work of DECEMBER at Fine Arts Museum

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On December 2017, at the Fine Arts Museum, 2, Grigore Antipa Street, the public may see  the work of Tache Papatriandafil (1903 – 1951), „Pont-Neuf”, belonging to the paintings collection.


“In less than 50 years of life, Tache Papatriandafil succeeded in developing as an artist and individualizing himself among the painters who worked in the most effervescent autochthonous, interwar period.

He did not graduate from the School of Belle Arte, but only attended the courses, as well as those of the Free Academies in Bucharest, being the student of Arthur Verona or Petrascu. At the time he is known as one of Tonitza’s most skillful students, who do not forget about the artistic chronicles. His debut was consumed in 1924 at the Official Salon, and the following years captured successes, being awarded one in a row in 1926, 1927 and 1928.

In 1929, when he was awarded a scholarship, Papatriandafil arrives in Paris where he studies painting and drawing. Returning to the country, he will continue to participate in the artistic events of the time, being present both on the salons of the Salon, but also on those of the Young Artist. In addition, in 1931, he took part in the formation of the “Our Group” association, being a member of the wave of young artists, including Phoebus, Margareta Sterian, Paul Miracovici, Aurel Kessler and others.”