Oriental Art Museum from Babadag –   Panaghia House

Located in the immediate vicinity of the Ali-Gazi-Pasha Mosque, Panaghia House is built in the architectural style of the ancient Babadag.

The oriental art exhibition organized in Casa Panaghia, presents pieces belonging to the traditional folk art of the Turks and Tartars from Dobrogea, but also pieces belonging to the oriental art hand made and, later, in manufacture enterprises.

The folk art of the Turks and Tartars of Dobrogea (fabrics, embroidery, garments, ornaments, brass vessels for everyday use and for various ceremonies) reflects its oriental origins. However, certain features of this art reveal interferences with the art of the native population of the Balkan Peninsula and Dobrogea.

Typical oriental ornamental motifs: carnation, cypress, hyacinth, pomegranate fruit and others, complemented by gold and silver wire, are combined in chromatic and decorative compositions of great aesthetic value.

Visiting hours:

Wednesday – Sunday: 9.00 – 17.00

Monday – Tuesday: CLOSED


Taxes and fees

Visiting: Adults – 10 lei. Children, students, pensioners – 5 lei.

Professional photo shooting: 100 lei/hour

Professional video shooting: 500 lei/hour