October 2014

LUMEN EST OMEN- Art, history and spirituality of Ancient LIGHTING

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The event, initiated by dr. Laurent Chrzanovski (Geneva) specialist in lighting history is the result of collaboration between many partners: Ethnographic Museum of Transylvania (Cluj-Napoca), ASTRA National Museum Complex (Sibiu), “Gavrila Simion ” Eco-Museum Research Institute (Tulcea), the National Museum of the Romanian Peasant (Bucharest), Brukenthal Museum (Sibiu), Museum of Dacian and Roman Civilisation (Deva) and the Museum of Art and History in Geneva.

With over 300 exhibits and a rich selection of vintage photographs and documents, the exhibition presents the evolution of lighting devices and also, their artistic, spiritual and social value.


 The curatorial concept is unique in its multimedia interactivity made ​​possible thanks to Swiss Web Academy (Sibiu). Using a tablet or a smartphone, the public may have access to footage taken by the operator Claudiu Moisescu illustrating the functioning of the most representative objects and lighting installations.


The exhibition can be visited until January 31, 2015.