Located in the northeast of the village Niculiţel, Museum Street no. 1, the monument consists of a basilica elevated at the end of the 14th century, under Emperors Valens and Valentinianus and rebuilt in the reign of Theodosius II in the early 5th century – over a Palaeo-Christian crypt. The crypt – covered by a hemispheric dome with pendants, housed two superimposed martyr tombs: în the lower level there were the remains of two martyrs with unknown names. At the top level, in a collective coffin, there were the remains of four martyrs whose names: Zotikos, Attalos, Kamasis and Philippos as martyrs – Martyres hristou – are recorded on the walls of the crypt.

(*** Reference source Travel guide Tulcea County, Tulcea, 2011)

Visiting hours:

Tuesday – Sunday: 10.00 – 18.00 

Monday: CLOSED

Taxes and fees:

Visiting: Adults – 10 lei. Children, students, pensioners – 5 lei.

Professional photo shooting: 100 lei/camera

Professional video shooting: 500 lei/camera