Halmyris Fortress

The archaeological site, located 2.5 km east from Murighiol, is a strong Roman and Roman-Byzantine fortress, headquarters of military units and station of the Danubian fleet Classis Flavia Moesica; monuments having military, civil and religious architecture have been unveiled; among them, the episcopal basilica with the crypt of the first Dobrudja martyrs – Epictet and Astion.

Address: Murighiol, Murighiol commune

Access:  Dj 222C Tulcea – Murighiol


Opening hours:

Tuesday – Sunday: 8.00 – 16.00. Closed on Monday.


Taxes and Fees:

Visiting: Adults – 4 lei. Children, students, pensioners – 2 lei.

Professional photo shooting: 100 lei/hour

Professional video shooting: 500 lei/hour