2020, January 24 – CLOSED

The Museum of History and Archaeology is a main component of the Gavrilă Simion Eco-Museum Research Institute Tulcea. Its foundation act is considered to be the organization of the permanent exhibition of history and archaeology, in 1975, on the place of the ancient fortress Aegyssus. But its history is obviously totally identified with the over 50 years’ evolution of the museum institution in Tulcea County.

Taking into consideration the evolution of the legislation regarding the organization and functioning of the museums, the institution structured its activity following the next lines:

1. the scientific constitution, administration, conservation and restoration of the museum patrimony. A permanent concern of the Museum of History and Archaeology was the constitution of a rich and valuable archaeological patrimony. This objective led to the initiation of a research program which developed in a remarkable way on the entire territory of the Northern Dobrudja – one of the most important archaeological zones in Romania.

2. scientific research, accounting, documentation, protection and development of the museum patrimony. No doubt, the most important investment has been done in the scientific research. As a matter of fact, it is considered the base of the entire activity of the history and archaeology section’s personnel. The research program, together with the acquisitions and donations politic led to the constitution of an over 90 000 pieces estimated patrimony.

3. the valorization of the museum patrimony.  The specialists of the museum contribute to the Peuce publication as well as to other numerous studies and specialty volumes which are addressed to the scientific world. The institution benefits of generous spaces for exhibitions (2 pavilions in Tulcea, the Old Lighthouse Museum in Sulina, the Museum Complex in Niculițel), which can offer the support for various projects.


Tuesday – Sunday: 8:00 – 16:00
Last entry 15:30
Monday closed.


children, students, pensioners 5 lei
adults 8 lei
Guided tour – Romanian/group 40 lei
Guided tour – foreign language/group 40 lei
professional photo shooting/hour 100 lei
profesional video shooting/hour 500 lei