Grigore Antipa Street, No. 2, Postal Code: 820009, Tulcea, Romania Tel: +40 240 51 32 49 Email:

Progresului Street, No. 32, Postal Code: 820009, Tulcea, Romania Tel./Fax: +40 240 51 32 31 Email:

The MUSEUM COMPLEX OF NORTHERN DOBRUDJA CULTURAL HERITAGE consists of Fine Arts Museum and Avramide House – Collections House. The buildings which are iconic for the architectural patrimony of Tulcea municipality and Tulcea County have been restored through the Tulcea Council project Restoration and rehabilitation of two buildings belonging to Tulcea municipality architectural heritage and included in the regional tourism circuits, financed from Structural Funds – Regional Operational Programme 2007-2013. The official opening of the complex was performed on September 27, 2012. Since October 2, 2012 it was opened to visitors.


Ticket price to visit Fine Arts Museum and Avramide House

children, students, pensioners  5 lei
adults 10 lei