August 2021

WORK OF AUGUST at Fine Arts Museum

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AUGUST 2021. The Fine Arts Museum, 2, Grigore Antipa Street, invites visitors to contemplate the work “Girls picking fruit” – oil / cardboard, belonging to the painting collection, work whose creator is Rodica Maniu (b. March 11 1890, Bucharest – d. May 14, 1958, Bucharest).

“In direct contact with her world, without preconceptions, without counterfeits, more or less archaic, Rodica Maniu knew how to portray it directly, spontaneously, based on technical perfection – the fruit of a long occupation of good pictorial quality. The poetry emanated from her position as an artist generally gives her painting the true charm lived and transposed, which remains a great art lesson for us, her colleagues and a message for the youngest.” (M. H. Maxy)