Enisala Medieval Fortress

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The fortress, located 2 km far from Enisala locality, on a calcareous hill which rises above Razim and Babadag lakes area, was built in the second half of the 14th century, for military purpose, probably by the Genoese merchants, owners of the monopole on the Black Sea navigation. It has an irregular polygonal plane which follows the sinuosity of the land; the walls and bastions maintain a 5-10 m height at some points. Integrated during the reign of Mircea the Old in the defence system of Wallachia, the fortress was abandoned in the context of the Turkish domination advance north of the Danube Mouths (end of the 15th century) and as a consequence of the formation of the offshore sand bars which separate the Razim Lake from the Black Sea.

Address: Enisala, Sarichioi commune

Access: E87 Tulcea-Babadag, Dj 223A-Enisala


Visiting hours:

Tuesday – Sunday: 10.00 – 18.00; Monday: CLOSED


Taxes and fees:

Visiting: Adults – 10 lei. Children, students, pensioners – 5 lei.

Professional photo shooting: 100 lei/camera

Professional video shooting: 500 lei/camera

Price for visiting both Enisala Medieval Fortress and the Peasant household preserved ”in situ” – Enisala (valid Wednesday through Sunday): Adults – 12 lei. Children, students, pensioners – 6 lei.