The rustic household preserved in situ – Enisala

The museum site in Enisala village synthesizes the traditional architecture in Northern Dobrudja in the early 20th century. The architectural complex includes the house with pantry (Romanian term “chiler”) and other domestic enlargements: stable, sheds, outdoor kitchen and oven, a storehouse for maize and the well;on display tools and equipment used in the practice of trades and crafts can be found.

Address: Enisala, Sarichioi commune 

Access: E 87 Tulcea-Babadag, Dj 223A-Enisala


Visiting hours:

MONDAY – FRIDAY: 08.00 – 16.00



Taxes and fees

Visiting: Adults – 4 lei. Children, students, pensioners – 2 lei.

Professional photo shooting: 100 lei/camera

Professional video shooting: 500 lei/camera

Price for visiting both Enisala Medieval Fortress and the Peasant household preserved ”in situ” – Enisala: Adults – 10 lei. Children, students, pensioners – 6 lei