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The temporary exhibition named ROMANIAN AND FOREIGN COINS AND BANKNOTES IN THE  TULCEA MUSEUM’s  COLLECTION, opened on Friday, March 27 at the Museum of History and Archaeology located in the Independence Monument Park has as purpose to highlight  the evolution of the Romanian leu in the period between 1866 and 1947 and to present the foreign coins / banknotes which circulated in Romania at that time.

The exhibits show the Romanian leu progress: the first attempts during the reign of Alexandru Ioan Cuza and then the Kings period: Carol I, Ferdinand, Charles II and Michael I of Romania.

Regarding foreign coins and banknotes, the public may watch coins and banknotes from countries such as Austria, Austro-Hungarian Empire, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Greece, Germany, France, Bulgaria, Russia, Ukraine, Yugoslavia, Serbia, Turkey, Poland.


”Nightmare” at Fine Arts Museum

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Lucrarea lunii aprilie

Work of April – Fine Arts Museum


In April, at the Fine Arts Museum, 2, Antipa Street, the public can watch the work of Stephen Iacobescu, „Nightmare”, belonging to the collection of modern and contemporary painting.

Stephen Iacobescu (1937 – 2001) was a Romanian illustrator and engraver of the twentieth century, a member of the Artists Union of Romania. During his life he opened a few exhibitions, but participated in competitions and international events in the field of graphic arts. It was a discreet presence, characterized by a profound modesty, but remarkable in the Romanian engraving. He among those who supported the existence of the Engraving Workshop, the place that has stimulated significant achievements during the 70s in the engraving art.  Among his favorite themes are found: the history, traditions and Romanian folk customs, everyday scenes. He taught in secondary education, as art teacher.

In addition to personal exhibitions, the artist has participated in exhibitions of contemporary art works and exhibitions of drawing and engraving, both at home and abroad, works which have received critical acclaim and audience.

His works are present in museums: National Museum of Art of Romania (Bucharest), Museum of Visual Arts (Galati) and the Museum of Art (Tulcea) and in private collections in Belgium, Canada, China, Denmark, Greece, Italy, Sweden, UK, Netherlands, Spain, France, Switzerland, Japan, USA, Germany, India and Malaysia.


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Work of March at the Fine Arts Museum


During March, at the Fine Arts Museum, 2, Antipa Street, the public can watch the work of Max Arnold, Oriental Landscape, belonging to the Collection of modern and contemporary paintings.


Arnold Mendel Wechsler, in some documents Arnold Max Wexler, known as Max Arnold, was born in 1897 in Iasi.
He died in Bucharest in 1946.

LUMEN EST OMEN- Art, history and spirituality of Ancient LIGHTING

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The event, initiated by dr. Laurent Chrzanovski (Geneva) specialist in lighting history is the result of collaboration between many partners: Ethnographic Museum of Transylvania (Cluj-Napoca), ASTRA National Museum Complex (Sibiu), “Gavrila Simion ” Eco-Museum Research Institute (Tulcea), the National Museum of the Romanian Peasant (Bucharest), Brukenthal Museum (Sibiu), Museum of Dacian and Roman Civilisation (Deva) and the Museum of Art and History in Geneva.

With over 300 exhibits and a rich selection of vintage photographs and documents, the exhibition presents the evolution of lighting devices and also, their artistic, spiritual and social value.


 The curatorial concept is unique in its multimedia interactivity made ​​possible thanks to Swiss Web Academy (Sibiu). Using a tablet or a smartphone, the public may have access to footage taken by the operator Claudiu Moisescu illustrating the functioning of the most representative objects and lighting installations.


The exhibition can be visited until January 31, 2015.

International Symposium at Danube Delta Eco-Tourism Museum Center

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Date: 25 – 27 October 2014

Scientific Event:  International Symposium The natural and landscape heritage conservation – premise for sustainable development  – 3rd edition

Organizer: Gavrilă Simion Eco-Museum Research Institute Tulcea

Partners: Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve Authority and Măcin Mountains National Park Administration

Themes are related to the protected areas: research, conservation, management and education of the inhabitants and visitors.

Guests: specialists from Romania, Spain, Bulgaria and France (researchers, managers/rangers of protected areas, museographers), representatives of other institutions and NGO-s developing activities in the field.


The works will start Friday, September 26th, 9.30, at Danube Delta Eco-tourim Museum Center, 14 Noiembrie Street no. 1bis. The Symposium will end Saturday, September 28th with a visit to Măcin Mountains National Park and Nature Reserve Chervant-Priopcea.


Sponsors:  S.C. Sim Corporate SRL Tulcea and S.C. Europolis SA Tulcea

Afis simpozion CMEDD


Drawings by Alma Ștefănescu-Schneider at Avramide House

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Starting with Friday, August 16, 2014, at Avramide House 32, Progresului Street, the public may admire the drawings exhibition signed Alma Ștefănescu-Schneider.
Alma Ștefănescu-Schneider was born in Sibiu, on September 12, 1948, and spent her childhood in Constanța. In 1972, he graduated the Institute of Fine Arts “Nicolae Grigorescu” Bucharest. At the age of 30 he went to Germany. The artist died at nearly 65 years in Dortmund, the city where she lived with her husband, Guntram Schneider. The artist is represented in the exhibition by 30 drawings.

alma stefanescu

Verba volant, scripta manent at the Museum of History and Archaeology

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Starting with Friday, May 23, 2014,  at the Museum of History and Archaeology located in the Independence Monument Park, the public may watch the exhibition entitled Verba volant, scripta manent, organized by Gavrilă Simion Eco-Museum Research Institute Tulcea in partnership with the National Museum of History Bucharest , Brăila Museum, the Museum of National History and Archaeology Constanţa, “Casa Mureşenilor” Museum  Braşov,  Paul Păltănea History Museum Galaţi a Curtea Domnească National Museum Complex Târgovişte.

What the organizers say:

The exhibition introduces to visitors glimpses of the history of one of the greatest inventions in human history – writing. By exposing different support materials (stone, ceramic, leather, wood, paper, etc.), tools used over time for writing (stylus’s, writing feathers, heels, typewriters, etc.) and objects related to this activity (paperweight, desk set, sheath for the pen, nib box, inkwell, chest etc.) exhibition highlights the aspects of the history and evolution of writing, from the first signs / drawings of the Neolithic period, to the modern period. 

verba volant

Animals Planet

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Animals Planet at the Danube Delta Eco-Tourism Museum Center

The exhibition is a survey of the Earth’s continents with their consecrated representatives of the animal kind. As common are the words, as impressive and surprising is the display.

 The overflowing imagination, scientific rigor and tenacity of the enthusiastic and skilled team of Danube Delta Eco-Tourism Museum Center materialize this time in an exceptional exhibition whose exhibits belong to the Grigore Antipa National Museum of Natural History – Bucharest and  Gavrilă Simion Eco-Museum Research Institute Tulcea.

Afis Planeta anim

METAMORPHOSES at Avramide House

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Starting with September 3, 2014, at the Art Café Casa Avramide 32, Progresului Street, you can watch  Metamorphoses, an   exhibition of paintings, organized by Ovidius University Constanța – Faculty of Arts, ICEM Tulcea, and Jean Bart Cultural Center –  Tulcea .
The exhibition includes works by graduates of master’s and undergraduate courses.


Eugeniu Barău – Come and see!

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 Between 5th of September and 31st of October 2014, at the Fine Arts Museum, 2, Grigore Antipa, the public is invited to admire the exhibition Come and see! which contains the paintings of Eugeniu Barău. 


The artist was born în 1946 at Frecăței – Tulcea County and studied at the Fine Arts Faculty – Timișoara.

Eugeniu Barău has participated in group exhibitions in Germany and Bucharest. His paintings are found in private collections in USA, Canada, Syria, Israel, Greece, Austria, Italy, Germany, France, Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Sweden, England, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, South Africa, Philippines and Japan.
Since 1991, the artist has a permanent exhibition at Hotel Select Tulcea.