The collection contains 70 naturalized pieces and 12 study skins. The oldest sample, Canis aureus, was collected from Tulcea County and dates from 1962.

The species represented in the collection belong to the following orders and families: Ord. INSECTIVORA (Erinaceidae Talpidae), Ord. CHIROPTERA (Vespertilionidae), Ord. CARNIVORA (Mustelidae, Canidae, Felidae), Ord. ARTIODACTYLA (Suidae, Cervidae); Ord. RODENTIA (Sciuridae, Muridae, Cricedidae, Spalacidae, Myocastoridae), Ord. LAGOMORPHA (Leporidae).

The samples have been obtained through the collecting activities of the museum’s specialists but some of them were introduced into the collection as donations from Romsilva Tulcea and the Agency for Hunting and Fishing of Tulcea County.