Organized in 1970 and subsequently developed, the collection reflects the composition of the Romanian entomological fauna through the 34400 samples, either collected by the museum’s entomologists or obtained through donations and acquisitions. Beside the autochthonous species, the collections also contain exotic species which belong to LEPIDOPTERA order. Rare, very rare and unique species, as well as type, paratype and neotype can be found in the collection composition.

The species which belong to the collection belong to the following orders: ODONATA, ORTHOPTERA, MANTODEA, HETEROPTERA, HYMENOPTERA, COLEOPTERA, LEPIDOPTERA and DIPTERA.

The most valuable entomological pieces, speaking both aesthetical and scientific, are included in the Collection of coleopterous dr. N. Savulescu, Collection of dipterous V. Bradescu, Collection of lepidopterous dr. A. Popescu-Gorj, Collection of lepidopterous W.Weber