The collection consists in 13942 herborized plants. It is the result of the field investigation made by the museum specialists, excepting the 1703 pieces herbarium donated by the University ”Al.I.Cuza” from Iasi in 1968, these being also the oldest pieces of the collection. The species of plants have been determined by well-known botanists like: C. Horeanu, I. Lupu, C. Barca, F. Diaconescu etc.

The pieces come from the Romanian flora and they belong to species which are commune, rare or even included in the Red List of the protected species (e.g. Nuphar luteum, Nymphaea alba, Alyssum borzatum, Centaurea jankae, Onosma arenaria). The collection also contains a special part consisting in plants specific to the Dobrudja’s protected areas (e.g. Paeonia tenuifolia, Crocus chrysantus).