The carpets collection, containing 172 pieces has a special documentary and artistic value.

Being woven in wool with the loom, the carpets amplified through their use the beauty of the house traditional interior.

The collection contains various sizes of narrow and long carpets placed on the wall (paretar) or covering pieces of traditional furniture (laicer) and large, rectangular carpets covering a wall, mostly (polog, scoarta, covor).

The decorative compositions are characterized by their evolution from simple to complex, from the repetition and alternation of stripes (vraste) to various associations between geometric, avimorphic, zoomorphic, floral or anthropomorphic motifs. The motifs names are suggestive and reflect the relation between the man and nature and his daily occupations (mill wings, water wave, dyed egg, canopy flower, vine).
Motifs representation method ranges from the stylised and geometric to the free drawing design.

The collection distinguishes carpets with complex compositions consisting in bunches of flowers, birds, urban life scenes in a naturalist interpretation and arranged in medallions.

The chromatics ranges from delicate colours (green, ochre, sea blue shades) to intense colours (yellow, orange, red). Black (generally used as background) and white (used to highlight motifs) balance the chromatic compositions.