During the school year, in collaboration with other educational institutions, the Museum of Ethnography and Folk Art develops educational activities, among which we mention:

– Educational workshops – where pupils practice their creativity making works inspired by ethnographic patrimony (dyed eggs, icons, toys, woven materials, clothing accessories, rush knitting, wood processing etc.)

– Thematic lessons – on ethnography and folklore – Folk clothing as mark of the cultural identity; Romanian tradition to go from house to house reciting carols for the New Year; Cultural identity in the globalisation context; March- Celebrating nature resurrection by wearing specific trinkets; Customs during the year from the multi-ethnic perspective etc.

– Mini-shows– performed by pupils and professional institutions such as theatres and Folk Ensembles
– Educational exhibitions where pupils show their works performed within educational workshops

– Little Ethnographer Awards – Diplomas, trophies, prizes awarded to pupils who distinguished themselves through their participation and activities performed with educational partnerships.