Located in the centre of the locality, the museum is a synthesis of the traditional household in the Northern Dobrudja, Razim Lake area, since early 20th century.

The architectural assembly includes a house with pantry and few enlargements specific to an establishment in this area: outdoor kitchen and oven, the stable, the pigeonry, the sheds, the well.

The planimetry is traditional and provides a central entrance hall and two rooms.

The household enlargements have been rebuilt and became exhibition spaces for collections: tools for agriculture, Dobrudja typical painted carts, fishery tools, cooperage, blacksmithing, beekeeping, pottery and household textile industry tools and items etc.

The house interior reveals the richness and beauty of the traditional fabrics.

Ornamental compositions, stylized depictions and motifs suggestive names (‘little trees’, ‘walnut core’, ‘girls’, ‘horse and rider’) emphasize remarkable aesthetic valences.

Visiting hours: 

TUESDAY – SUNDAY: 10.00 – 18.00




Taxes and fees

Visiting: Adults – 4 lei. Children, students, pensioners – 2 lei.

Video: 30 lei/camera

Photo: 10 lei/camera


Price for visiting both Enisala Medieval Fortress and
the Peasant household preserved ”in situ” – Enisala: 

Adults – 5 lei. Children, students, pensioners – 3 lei.