Exhibit of June 2024 at the Fine Arts Museum

In JUNE 2024, at the Fine Arts Museum in Grigore Antipa str., no. 2, the public can admire “Monoxilă IV” (wood, 1978), the work of the sculptor Octavian Olariu (b. 1931, Bretea Mureșană, Hunedoara).

“The work is part of the museum’s sculpture collection and can only be admired this month in the permanent exhibition, being, as a rule, kept in the collection’s warehouse.
The sculptor Octavian Olariu entered the Book of Records, as the author of the largest monoxyle (sculpture from a single piece of wood) in the world – a mobile sculpture 7.40 m high and 1.40 m in diameter, which the artist made in Osoppo – Italy, in 1989. Since 1980 he lives and creates in Montréal.

“Monoxyla IV” was exhibited in 1978 (June-October) within the Venice Biennale which had the theme: “From nature to art, from art to nature”.